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To study the constitutional and clinical pathogenetic features of patients and their effect on the severity of course of ischemic stroke in middle-aged and elderly men. Materials and Methods: We observed 42 patients with ischemic stroke of middle and old age hospitalized in the neurological department of the 1st clinic of TMA between 2016-2018. Results: Among all patients with ischemic stroke of middle age, 42% were patients with abdominal somatotype. Patients with elderly somatotype prevailed among elderly patients (47%). This type of constitution is characterized as disharmonious both in form and in relation to the basic tissues (deficiency of muscle and bone tissue and predominance of fatty tissue with atypical location), indicating feminogenic tendencies in the structure of the organism of patients with ischemic stroke. An easy degree of disability was observed in persons with thoracic-gracile and indeterminate somatotype. Completely dependent on others were patients mainly with abdominal somatotype. Conclusions: Somatotyping method can be used in clinical practice to predict and prevent the occurrence of cerebrovascular pathology in middle-aged and older men.

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