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To develop clinical and laboratory criteria for assessing metabolic disorders and to study the role of genealogical factor in children with arterial hypertension (AH) on the background of body overweight (BO). We examined 86 adolescents with AH in a family polyclinic: 21 children with labile AH (LAH) and normal BO (1 group), 22 children with LAH and excess BO (2 group), 20 children with stable AH (SAH) and normal BO (3 group), 23 children with SAH and excess BO (4 group). The analysis of the genealogical anamnesis showed hereditary nature by AH, obesity and diabetes mellitus in the majority of the surveyed adolescents, third of them had a combination of obesity and AH in the maternal relatives. The high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases against obesity dictates the need to examine for metabolic disorders already at the stage of BO. Conclusions: Obesity in adolescence contributes to the development of hormonal and metabolic disorders, which are characteristic for metabolic syndrome. The presence of two or more catamnestic risk factors in adolescents with abdominal obesity could be the basis for metabolic syndrome examination in order to prevent it and treat.

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