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To study the general morbidity of children and adolescents raised in specialized boarding schools. Materials and Methods: A copy of the data on the incidence of children of boarding schools studied between 2011-2015 was made. In the development of materials on the incidence of children, the lists of classes and names of diseases were used according to ICD-10. Results: Analysis of the structure and level of the overall incidence of children in selected schools identified some of their characteristics. The common thing is that the structure of the incidence of children in individual schools repeats the structure of the overall incidence of children in general, although there are some differences in occupying ranking places, which depend on the nature and purpose of the boarding school. Conclusions: Significant levels of general morbidity and diseases revealed during comprehensive medical examinations, give grounds to speak about the presence of certain shortcomings in the work of providing medical care and holding medical and recreational activities among pupils of specialized educational institutions. First, this is due to shortcomings in the recovery of certain groups of children, incomplete coverage of their preventive examinations, defects in diagnosis, treatment and registration of diseases.

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