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To study the morphological and morphometric features of intraorganic veins and colon tissue structures in the age aspect. Materials and Methods: The materiasl for this work were 45 corpses fetuses, infants, children of different ages and adults, who died of herbs and diseases not associated with the pathology of the digestive system. Results: The structure, topography and morphometric parameters of the colon and their intraorganic veins in postnatal ontogeny were studied. It was found that the blood supply of the colon in children is not fundamentally different from that of adults. In the elderly, the thickness of muscle cells of the middle layer decreases, the total thickness decreases, but the inner elastic membrane thickens in all the veins of the colon. Conclusions: In the periods of the 1st and 2nd childhood and at adulthood, the thickness of walls is markedly increased. In the elderly, the total thickness of the vein wall decreases, but the inner elastic membrane thickens.

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