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In this paper, information is provided that without reliable quantitative and qualitative data on the degree of electrolysis of threads generated during the processing of synthetic fibers, it is impossible to accurately assess the problems caused by charges of static electricity and to develop effective measures to eliminate them. An important role of the new emulsification method is to reduce the surface tension of the fibers, increase work efficiency, and also to improve the strength and unevenness of the yarn. Using a new emulsion method for antistatic treatment of nitron fibers and their mixtures with cotton reduces yarn breakage on ring spinning machines by 38%, when winding - by 20% and in a skein (ўramda) by 16%. According to the results of testing the obtained yarn, we can conclude that the desired effect was achieved. In particular, the advantage of unevenness by 6%, breaking load by 8.2% and elongation by 3.6% are confirmed.

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