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The article investigates the technological indicators of cocoons of the local hybrid Navruz-3 and Chinese cocoons grown locally from Chinese grains. It was determined that the length and component parts of the Navruz-3 industrial cocoons are significantly longer than those of the Chinese hybrid industrial cocoons. The thickness and thickness of the cocoon shell were studied and analyzed. When sorting by size, it became known that small-caliber cocoons of Chinese breeds are 11% larger than local Navruz-3 cocoons, the average caliber of local Navruz-3 cocoons is 78%, and that of Chinese breeds is 9% higher . The yield of cocoons by caliber was determined. Local cocoons “Navruz-3” I-grade amounted to 38.0%, II-grade 46.2%, total yield of varietal cocoons 84.2%, Chinese cocoons I-grade 36.5%, II-grade 44.6%, and the yield of varietal cocoons 81.1%. The output of off-grade cocoons of the Navruz-3 hybrid decreased by 3%, and non-standard cocoons by 0.1% compared to the Chinese hybrid. Single unwinding of cocoons was carried out and the total length and linear density of the cocoon thread were determined. The total length of the cocoon thread in the local Navruz-3 cocoons was 1,250 meters, and in the cocoons of the Chinese breed was1,200 meters. Recommendations on the cultivation of local Navruz-3 cocoons are given

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