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The article provides substantiation of the choice of the quenching parameters for the working zone of gin and linter grates and the quenching parameters. The results of bench and industrial tests of the grate with a hardened working zone are also given. In order to determine the quality of hardening of the working surface of the grate, studies were conducted to determine the hardness and wear resistance. Hardness was measured in two areas - hardened and not hardened, for a comparative evaluation. As the test results showed, by hardening the surface of the working zone, a surface hardness of up to HRC 55 is achieved, which allows to increase the life of the grate by more than two times. Comparative wear of steel after hardening and cast iron grates was investigated on a special bench installation. As a result of the research, a selection was made of the main parameters of the surface hardening of the working zone of gin and linter grates. Comparative tests of grates with a hardened working area using the selected hardening parameters showed that their life is increased by more than 2 times. Such indicators allow to use one set of grate for one season during a major overhaul, in contrast to the use of two sets currently available.

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