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Cotton fiber is widely used in the textile industry. The introduction of progressive spinning methods poses the problem of the need to further search for ways to improve the quality of the fiber produced at cotton plants. Used serial single-drum fiber cleaners of brand 1VPU for cleaning fiber at cotton factories are not able to achieve the required cleaning effect due to imperfection of the design. Due to the low cleaning effect of the machine, such difficult-to-remove fractions as beaten seeds and peel with fiber do not completely stand out from the fiber, which greatly complicates the use of fiber in the textile industry. Practice shows that the actual cleaning effect of the 1VPU fiber-cleaning machine is low and averages 15–20%, which does not ensure the quality of the fiber in the processing of difficult-to-clean selection varieties, as well as raw cotton from the machine collection. In addition, due to the design flaws of the wiper, the transit without cleaning up to 15% of the fiber occurs. To eliminate the identified shortcomings, a double-drum straight-through fiberglass with grates and new design guides was created to promote efficient combing and fraying of the material, ensuring intensive separation of difficult-to-remove fractions such as peel with fiber, combined flagella, etc. For successful management of the technological process of cleaning cotton fiber and the use of automation systems, it is not enough knowledge of already known qualitative aspects of the process. To solve complex problems, the methods of mathematical modeling, obtaining mathematical models and their research using computer were applied. The mathematical model of the purification technology was created on the basis of a theoretical analysis of the process and experimental data.

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