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Cotton harvesting stations accept, ans keep store cotton. Warehoused cotton in storages has certain physical and mechanical properties and is an independent system with thermal, humidity, weed and other parameters. The reasons for the deterioration of the quality of cotton storage include the imperfection of modern storage methods, as well as the difficulty of controlling the change in the state of cotton in a riot or warehouse, due to the cumbersome riot sites, storage facilities, significant quantities of stored cotton. In the study of the state of cotton in riots during its storage, of particular interest is the creation of a riot module by imitating the processes occurring in it. Creating a module provides access to the study of factors affecting changes in the physico-mechanical properties of cotton during storage, the study of the influence and development of microflora in cotton during storage. A change in the temperature of samples of varieties I and III of cotton during storage shows that they differ significantly. This is characterized by the ongoing process of self-heating in grade III cotton. Thus, the moisture and weediness of the raw cotton during storage is significant. The influence of density on the quality indicators of cotton can be explained by the limited access of air to the seeds. Thus, for better storage of cotton in riots, with the least loss of quality indicators of both seeds and fiber, air should have free air access

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