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The article studies the applied and theoretical studies of the shapes of ribs used in the process of removing seeds in a sawing gin machine, which differ from the existing ones consisting of concave, convex and rectilinear contours, as well as the processes of removing seeds with their use. Schemes of the movement of seeds along the concave and convex contours of the geometric image of the grid-iron contour in the plane are given. The contours of the grid-irons were determined, the coordinates of point C(x13, y13). The changes in the speed of movement of seeds in time for a concave and convex contour with two friction coefficients are given. From the analysis of the graphs, an uneven distribution of seed speed over time was observed in the grate contour, and its maximum value is at the point B of the contour. In addition, a partial decrease in speed on the arc BC of the contour, the possibility of increasing it in the second straight section is shown. The dependence of changes in such laws on the shape of the contour and the coefficient of friction is determined. The equation of motion of the seed on the arc, the equation of the straight line through the point, A the equation of the circle with the arc, OH the equations of motion of the seeds along the arc, taking into account the concavity of the BC arc, and the relationship between time and arc are compiled. Analytical expressions are obtained for the law of motion of an individual seed along the contour of the rib. From the analysis of seed velocities, an uneven distribution of velocities along the contour was observed, its maximum speed decreases in the concave part, and the speed increases in the final rectilinear part.

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