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Expanding the cross-section of 5LP linter working chambers used in cotton-ginning factories did not significantly improve linear performance. When using 5LP linter saws from 320 mm to 290 mm, the height of their access to the working chamber ranges from 32 mm to 25 mm, due to the low sawing height of the saw, the bulk of the saws moving between the saw blades and the mixer is affected, causing some of the linear seeds is pulled out of the chamber to enter the working cell. In linear technology of cotton lintering of cotton ginneries according to Coordinated Cotton Processing Technology (PDI70-2017) for preventing the seeds from being produced in the workshop from linen production due to low efficiency of linter in the workshop and for removing the required amount of linter from linen, 5LP linters with 4-6 pcs and 8-12 pcs will be installed. A study of the working conditions of linters made in the US and China, shows that their performance was not significantly higher than that of local 5LP linters. It was also investigated that these linters have a high degree of damage to the cotton seeds and lint due to the high speed of saw blades and mixers. By investigating the shortcomings of domestic and foreign linters, the 5LP linter has been tested in different collars to improve productivity, improve the quality of the seeds and lint. The width of the saws was 40 mm and the distance between the sawdust and the collar surface was 25 mm. To the working chamber at 60 degrees relative to the horizontal axis.

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