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This article describes the technology for restoring worn working surfaces of a grate of a saw gin by surfacing them. During wear of the working surfaces of the grate of the gin. It causes poor fiber quality. Worn parts lead machines to work with a deviation from the set parameters, reduces the efficiency of machines, leads to the emergence of additional load-bearing machines, which leads to a deterioration in the operating condition and the weakening of machinery mechanisms. To prevent these drawbacks of worn parts instead of replacement with new ones, surfacing under the flux is used, which is economically profitable. Studies were conducted to study the macro- and microstructure and heat treatment of the deposited working bodies using a metallographic microscope, determine the composition based on spectral analysis, determine the hardness using the Brinell and Rockwell methods, determine the sample wear rate in an abrasive medium developed on a special machine. On the basis of the executed researches recommendations about introduction of alloying elements in building-up welding metal are given

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