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A statement, an analytical solution and an algorithm for calculating the tension of the problem of determining the adjustment and current tension of the branches of the tensile belt of the transmission mechanism with two internal and two external pulleys, rotating in stationary mode at a constant speed, are proposed. The inner pulleys rotate clockwise and the outer pulleys rotate in the opposite direction. In the mathematical model of the problem, the actions of the driving force of the engine are taken into account. Schemes of calculation and action of forces on the belt and the surface of the corresponding pulleys are made. Equation systems and a calculation algorithm are given that are used to determine known tension and components of reactive forces, as well as an analysis of the results of numerical and experimental studies. Cases of relatively small and finite deformation strains of a belt are considered. It is proved that in some special cases the problem can be reduced to solving algebraic equations for tensile strain. The adopted formulation of the problem reduces the complexity in the search for analytical solutions to problems and conducting numerical and experimental studies.

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