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The lintering process is one of the most expensive processes in a ginnery. Many theoretical and practical studies have been carried out to improve the lintering machines, in which the main focus was on improving the productivity of the machines and the quality of seeds and lint obtained by improving the working mechanisms and working bodies of the machine. The article addresses the issues of determining the coefficients of friction of rolling seeds on steel and on the seed roller. The dependence of the operation of the linter on the angle between the seed roller and the apron of the working chamber of the linter was investigated. A formula is derived for determining the critical angle of seed capture by the seed roller, as well as the linter throughput for seeds. The coefficients of friction of rolling the seeds on polished steel and seeds are determined, allowing calculations using these formulas. The expressions obtained make it possible to establish the boundaries of the normal operation of the machine and its violations, to choose the position of the apron of the working chamber of the linter in such a way as to ensure stable operation of the linter

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