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The results of the study of finished leather and fur filled with a protein-containing polymer compound are presented. A filler was selected from chrome leather wastes and the proposed technology for the use of filling for leather and fur was analyzed. In the process of filling the skin and fur, the correspondence of the flow rate of the new head to the mass of the semi-finished product that increases the mechanical properties is determined. In order to analyze the effect of the obtained filler on the connective tissue of the skin and fur, a comparison was made of studies of mechanical properties depending on the consumption of fillers on the mass of the semi-finished product and industrially used fillers. In the process of filling the skin with a protein-containing polymer filler of 3.5 - 4.5% by weight of the semi-finished product, an increase in the mechanical properties of the finished product to 7.5 MPa was determined. By studying air permeability, sorption changes, vapor permeability, wetness, and wetness, their hygienic properties of the skin and fur were studied. Based on the obtained results, an increase in the mechanical properties and porosity of filled leathers with new fillers is substantiated as compared to non-understood ones

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