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The article will justify dressing materials, which is used to increase the strength of warp threads in the manufacture of fabric and on the preparation of dressing penetrating into the threads, forming a smooth film in the surface of the threads, in the subsequent process, i.e. during weaving, reducing thread breakage. In the textile industry of our Republic at present, most of the polymers mainly used for sizing cotton warp threads are natural starch. Specifically, it is described about reducing the consumption of starch, which is a food product about corn starch, which displaces chitosan and is used to reduce the cost of dressing materials used for sizing warp threads. Consequently, in the process, a new dressing composition which consists of chitazine characterized by a smaller amount of polysaccharides and starch is of particular importance. According to the results of the research, it is clear that the use of a new sizing material structure leads to the formation of a smooth film on the surface of the cotton fiber, and the strength of the threads is increased by 35% and the breakage of the threads during weaving is reduced by 67%

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