Textile Journal of Uzbekistan


A dressing solution for weaving yarns was prepared on the basis of raw hide waste. The van der Waals interaction of collagen protein macromolecules with fibers provides adhesion and the formation of a polymer film on the surface of the filaments. The formation of intermolecular hydrogen bonds between the polar chromophore groups of collagen and the hydroxyl groups of cellulose strengthens the polymer film, improving the bonding effect. The influence on the strength of dressed yarns of the conditions for obtaining a solution is determined. The effect of the concentration of the sizing substance on the breaking load, tensile at break, and the linear density of the sizing strands in comparison with lined starch and unlined strands was studied. The suitability of the recommended solution based on biodegradable collagen for high-quality sizing of threads instead of starch and polyvinyl alcohol is shown

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