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The article is devoted to the study of modernized fiber cleaners in the technology of primary processing of cotton. The article discusses the results of a study of innovative technology for cleaning cotton fiber. The layout of the bench installation for cleaning cotton fiber is presented. The results of experiments on the cleaning of raw cotton in the laboratory building of the open joint-stock company of the “Paxtasanoatilm” Scientific Production Center on cotton “Namangan-77” of the second grade with an initial contamination of 1.36 and 0.81% and a moisture content of 8.45 and 8, 12% respectively. It is shown that the modernization of a double-drum straight-through fiber wiper reduces the air pressure at the outlet to zero, which leads to a decrease in air consumption, an increase in the cleaning effect and a decrease in the fibrous mass in the waste by 35-40% compared to a single-drum wiper.

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