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This work is devoted to the analysis of the research carried out in the field of causes and development of various deformities of the children's foot. The article discusses the main deformities of the feet of children, such as flat feet, valgus and varus deformities of the feet, the deviation of the big toe, as well as the causes of their occurrence. In addition, this article specifies the basic requirements for prophylactic shoes and the factors that must be considered when developing a rational preventive shoe for children. As a result, the main directions of further research were identified to improve the design of preventive footwear for children, and such tasks as carrying out anthropometric measurements of children of Uzbekistan, identifying foot deformations among them, determining the prevalence of feet deformities among children in our region, and creating improved footwear designs for those diseases that are most common in our country. Besides it there is a need for a rigid selection of materials for physic-mechanical and hygienic properties and, on their basis, the creation of shoes with improved hygienic properties should be created

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