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The article presents the data of research on the development of software sorting device division of silkworm eggs by color, designed to produce 100% pure, not clogged with the original breeds of mulberry silkworm, to produce cocoons giving cocoon thread with high technological performance. The study and analysis showed that the separation of silkworm eggs is better carried out by piece-oriented feeding it to the recognition zone, developed on the basis of computer vision using a high-speed web camera. It is also proposed to use a single-Board computer Arduino UNO R3 as a hardware platform. The developed hardware and software for the analysis and processing of data on determination of color of a eggs of a silkworm of the developed device on a stationary platform is described. The principle of operation, source codes of programs and schemes of the device are given. A model of the device for determining the color and number of silkworm eggs was created. On the Executive mechanism of the device signals are supplied, the number of which corresponds to the number of detected dark color silkworm eggs in the stationary image, for further development of the program for the device to determine the color and number of silkworm eggs on the moving platform.


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