Textile Journal of Uzbekistan


To prove the feasibility of using the PTI-1M device while receiving cocoons from the population and enterprises for their cultivation, as well as to search for new ways to determine the silkworms of live cocoons without cutting them, the dependencies of the silkiness on the main parameters during the seasons of harvesting cocoons for 2018–19 were studied on the example of the breed "Uzbekistan-1" with bringing similar dependencies for various new breeds in tabular terms. An equation is obtained for the linear dependence of the silkiness on the reciprocal of the mass of the mature cocoon, which proves the same direct proportional relationship of the silkiness with its specific volume. This link confirms the correctness of the decision to turn on the PTI-1 device in GOST in 1980. However, the PTI-1 device was not automated at that time, that is, the operator had to weigh the sample of cocoons himself, pour it into the measuring capacity of the device, take readings of the height of the cocoon layer after vibration, count the silkiness of a sample on the calculator. All this led to errors in determining the silkiness of a sample of living cocoons and, consequently, in error in determining the value of a batch of cocoons. As a result, the device PTI-1 was excluded from GOST in 1995. Since then the flow of immature cocoons has increased again at cocoon receiving points. As a result, the task of accepting cocoon raw materials for silkiness is again actual for us. The correct way is to automate the process of accepting cocoon raw materials on the basis of the PTI-1M device, the second way is to find new methods for determining the silkiness of the cocoons without cutting them. For this purpose, we have obtained the dependences of the silkiness structure and the mass of the shell on various parameters: the mass of the cocoon, the thickness of the shell and the volume of the cocoon. Silkiness increases with increasing thickness and weight of the shell. In turn, the shell mass increases with increasing shell thickness and cocoon volume. According to these graphs and equations, it is possible to make conclusions: 1) about the need to use the PTI-1M device for measuring silkiness at the initial stage of the technological process of receiving and processing live cocoons at their reception bases and 2) about the most promising rocks of this valuable raw material.


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