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The article presents the results of an experimental study of the rotation frequency of the raw roller of the saw gin with huller roll box depending on the performance of the saw gin, the distance from the top of the grate to the horizontal axis of the saw cylinder and the position of the comb. Setting the location of the fly tool in the video, determine the angle and time of recording the video frame. Knowing the time difference and the angle of motion of the fly tool, determine the angular velocity of the raw roller. To do this, we use the program "Windows Movie Maker" for time-lapse recording of drawings in the format "*.png", and to determine the angle of finding the fly tool use the program "COMPASS". To study the kinematics of the raw roller of saw gin with a peeling chamber, experimental studies were carried out using a full factorial experiment of type 23 depending on the performance of the gin (X1), the distance from the top of the grate to the horizontal axis of the saw cylinder (X2) and the position of the comb (X3), since these parameters affect the rotation frequency of the raw roller. In the experimental research a cotton variety C 6524 grade I, class 2, 8.19% humidity and 3.68% of the debris according to the scheme is used: double-drum peg line feeder → the working chamber 30 of the saw gin mill chamber (working chamber Volume is reduced by 30% relative to the serial Gina 5DP-130). As a result, it was found that with increasing angle of the comb and the distance from the top of the grate to the horizontal axis of the saw cylinder, the rotational speed of the raw roller increases, and decreases with increasing gin productivity.


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