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The article presents materials of studies to ensure an increase in the intensity of the cleaning of raw cotton from small litter in terms of cotton ginning. It is indicated that in the existing cleaners of raw cotton from weed impurities, the process is mainly carried out due to the impact-loosening effect of the working bodies of the machine on the processed material. Attention is drawn to the fact of the different cleaning effect of a cleaning machine of the same type when operating in different regions and the fractional analysis of clogging of cotton is fulfilled. It is indicated that the use of similar working bodies in the cleaners of raw cotton from small litter leads to the monotony of the cleaning process and is the cause of the low cleaning effect of the equipment. To improve the efficiency of cleaning raw cotton from small litter, the use of a cleaner with different types of working bodies is proposed, and such combined cleaner of small litter consisting of a caulk and screw working Engineering Science and Materials: Technology of cotton and textile industry 2 Textile Journal of Uzbekistan №2/2019 member is developed. The results of preliminary experimental studies on such cleaner are given in this paper. The results of experimental studies have shown that the cleaning effect of equipment, as a result of the use of a screw organ, increases the cleaning effect, depending on the variety of raw cotton, by 16-20%.


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