Textile Journal of Uzbekistan


The general requirements to overalls and its various analogues are studied. It is established necessity of working out of new overalls for builders according to the scientific Engineering Science and Materials: Technology garment industry and design 2 Textile Journal of Uzbekistan № 1/2019 approach at a stage of preparation of raw materials, development of a fabric and designing of a finished article on the basis of system "Person-clothes-environment«, focused on use of local raw materials, taking into account the requirement of the market and a tendency of a modern fashion. Sociological poll among workers building the organizations which has included two stages is spent: studying of working conditions of builders, definition of negative factors of the environment influencing health and safety of workers; definition of consumer requirements of builders to a design, appearance and materials of new overalls. The analysis is carried out and as a result spent analysis discrepancy let out by the sewing enterprises of overalls to requirements of builders and working conditions of building sites of new buildings is revealed. Defined the following: discrepancy of operating overalls to term of operation specified in the was passport, absence of the information under the basic characteristics and properties of used fabrics of import manufacture for overalls, impracticality of a design of existing overalls for work in extreme conditions, absence of additional elements of protection in complete sets of overalls for builders, discrepancy of existing equipment to requirements of safety precautions of work The necessity of the account of distinctions for specificity of works of builders and the differentiated approach to designing for them new kinds of overalls was established


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