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The article presents the results of a study of the tension of OE yarn using a yarn funnel with an elastic element. The possibility of improving the structure and physico-mechanical properties of OE yarn is researched theoretically and experimentally. The dependences of the change in tension on the factors influencing it are obtained, i.e. the mass of the thread outlet funnel, the stiffness of the elastic element, the coordinates of the thread on the surface of the funnel and the speed of the thread, the values of which cause fluctuations in the tension of the yarn and, therefore, its structural structure and properties as well. It is assumed that the length of the rectilinear zone of movement of the thread repeatedly exceeds the length of the arc of contact of the thread with the surface of the funnel, which oscillates only in the vertical direction. The contact of the thread with the surface of the funnel occurs at the point of descent from the surface and therefore, without taking into account the effect of the movement of the thread in this area on the oscillatory process, it was theoretically determined the effect of the mass of the funnel, the stiffness Engineering Science and Materials: Technology of cotton and textile industry 2 Textile Journal of Uzbekistan №1/2019 coefficient of the elastic element, as well as the speed of release of the yarn. It has been experimentally proved that as a result of the use of a filler funnel with an elastic element, unevenness is reduced by the properties of the yarn, which is easily controlled by the choice of the funnel mass, the stiffness coefficient of the elastic element and the spinning speed


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