Textile Journal of Uzbekistan


The study shows the comparative results of technological indicators and the properties of the cocoon shell of local and the Chinese hybrids. As well according to the study of the geometric features of the cocoons, the Oltin Vodiy-2 hybrids are found than the Chinese hybrids have average caliber of 93% and the shape of the cocoons is oval. The porosity in parts of the Oltin Vodiy-2 hydride cocoon has changed by 74,6-76,7% and in Chinese hydrides by 73,6-75,8%. The rigidity of the cocoons was in the hybrid Oltin water-2 0,63 mm, and Chinese hybrids 0,84 mm. The silkiness of Chinese hybrids was 55,7%, which is 1,4% less than hew sort of local Engineering Science and Materials: Technology of cotton and textile industry 2 Textile Journal of Uzbekistan №1/2019 hybrids. According to this, shell unwinding on the local hybrid was 89,2%, in the Chinese hybrids it reached 84,2%. On the basis of comparative analyzes, the technological and quality indicators of the Oltin Vodiy-2 hybrid are revealed. The Chinese hybrid of locally expressed silk concretes increased by 10%, the yarn length by 21.6%, the continuous unwinding length by 7% increased and the fibrous waste decreased by 13.3% . With the cultivation of the cocoon hybrid Oltin Vodiy-2 on the basis of the improvement of breeding work, which makes it possible, according to the requirements of the international standard for the production of raw silk corresponding to class 2A, to improve the technological performance of cocoons of local breeds and hybrids is achieved


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