Textile Journal of Uzbekistan


The results of intensification of cotton fabrics dyeing proses with active dyes by continuous thermofixation, as well as by dyeing combined methods with final finishing at using bentonites obtained from various fields of Uzbekistan are presented in this article. It has been shown that when bentonites from Azkamar, Lagansk and Navbahor are insertion into the solution of dye-impregnating an increased degree of application of the active dye. Increasing degree of application of active dye is till to 28 ÷ 32% by thermofixation method dyeing and by 6-10% at combined method. Compared with the thermofixing dyeing method with combined method, even when dyeing without bentonites, the degree of application of colorant increased till 28% and gives possibility to eliminate the processes of washing and drying. Combined technology of dyeing and final finishing gives possibility, while keeping the strength of coloring, increasing the total angle of opening of fabric by 54-59 degrees, reduce shrinkage by 4-8 times and have positive effect on the mechanical strength and elongation of the fabric. It has shown the intensifying effect of bentonites, which, have a developed surface, fine dispersion and high swelling in water, increases content of sorbed colorant with increased activity to react with the fiber.


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