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The problem of optimization of a fuzzy model of control of a drying unit in a cotton-cleaning industry operating in conditions of a priori uncertainty is considered in this article. As an example, we consider the process of temperature control in a drying unit. A fuzzy model of control of the drying unit was developed and its work was analyzed without taking into account the optimization unit. The use of probabilistic methods is proposed as optimization methods. As an optimization parameter, the membership functions of a fuzzy model are used. The developed optimization algorithm based on a probabilistic approach is a universal way to adjust the parameters of fuzzy control models of a drying unit. Engineering: Engineering and Materials: Basic sciences in the textile industry 64 Textile Journal of Uzbekistan №1/2019 Using the relationship between the FP and the distribution function allows to apply the methods of probability theory, thereby reducing the error resulting from the subjective setting of the parameters of a fuzzy model of the drying unit, which leads to an increase in the accuracy of the results and the achievement of optimal management quality indicators. A triangular form of the membership function and the development of a tuning algorithm and parameters of the membership function are proposed based on an estimate of the error of the model values with real data obtained from the actual object. A comparative analysis of the results obtained on the basis of simulation modeling before and after optimization has been carried out.


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