Textile Journal of Uzbekistan


The problem of designing high-quality and proportionate clothing for schoolchildren that is as appropriate as possible for the size and shape of the child’s figure actualizes anthropological studies of children and adolescents. Mass production of clothes and shoes for children (household, school, sports, special, knitwear) involves the manufacture of products not for an individual consumer, but for standard (typical) figures of a limited number of sizes.Therefore, an important task for developers of children's school uniforms is to ensure the anthropometric and psychophysiological correspondence of children's products to the size and shape of the body, taking into account the dynamics of movement, and the growth characteristics of the child’s physique during various periods of growth and development.In this work, an anthropomorphological study of children's figures was carried out in order to identify the features of their development in different periods of life.The objects of the study were the figures of girls and boys aged from 7 to 16 years. Peculiarities of the growth and development of children's figures, annual growths of dimensional signs determining dimensions, which are the basis for the development of a new dimensional typology of children and the design of a school uniform adapted to the age-related dynamics of dimensional characteristics of the children's body, are revealed. The introduction of the results of this work at enterprises producing children's clothes contributes to the successful sale of garments and increase consumer satisfaction with proportionate clothing.


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