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The article defines the direction of the fabric and silk yarn production of a new assortment for costume fabrics made of natural silk. A torsion plan has been drawn up for a new assortment - twisted yarn with high linear density after analysis and scientific research, taking into account the characteristics of the assortment of silk yarn. A twisted thread with a linear density of 19.38 tex was obtained by adding 6 threads of raw silk 3.23 tex and given 100 cr/m in the direction S. A twisted thread with a high linear density was produced by adding 2 twisted threads with a linear density of 19.38 tex and is given in three versions 200, 400, 600 cr/m in the Z direction. Silk fabric with high linear density for the costume was developed and quality indicators determined. The density of costume silk fabrics obtained in three versions using different twisted threads according to the degree of twist (200 cr/m, 400 cr/m, 600 cr/m) from raw silk 3.23 tex amounted to Po 350 to Ru 220. Type of weaving 1/3 twill. The reduction is ao 2%, ay 6%. The surface density of the tissue, depending on the torsion, was 164.0 g/m2, respectively; 165.60 g/m2; 175.0 g/m2, the number of threads in the fabric is 10 cm on the basis, depending on the torsion, respectively 350; for a duck in all torsions was 220

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