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This article is devoted to scientific research aimed at meeting the requirements of automotive companies for tripled materials, localization of production raw materials, production of competitive materials based on the needs of manufacturers. In this regard, in the article is given to study the requirements of automotive enterprises for triple materials, to get acquainted with the existing modern techniques and technologies and to analyse them, analysis of research on the study of complex quality indicators of materials. Automotive manufacturers are the main consumers of tripled materials used in the automotive industry. Therefore, in the study, along with the requirements for product quality, the requirements of the manufacturer were taken into account in order to ensure the competitiveness of the products. In this regard, the article also lists some properties of special requirements. During the research, the list of requirements established by manufacturers and their technical characteristics were studied. The research results are aimed at the need to develop advanced technologies for the production of tripled materials from sanitary and environmentally friendly local raw materials and to develop technical requirements for auto-fabrics with specific properties, taking into account local climatic conditions and harmonization with the requirements of international standards in order to justify them

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