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In the article is analyzed the process of transferring cotton to the fine-grained cleaning equipment and shows a decrease in cleaning efficiency as a result of transfer of cotton to the cleaning zone without sufficient grinding and splitting of cotton in existing cotton suppliers. Observations in enterprises and laboratory tests in research laboratories have shown that the cleaning machine has defects such as cotton accumulating in different places around the pile drums, changing the direction of movement in unnecessary directions. Analyzes have shown that making the location of the supply equipment by placing cotton pieces on top of the other of the cleaning drums has a positive effect to avoid situations that could adversely affect the quality of such cleaning. In the study, the dynamics of the movement of cotton pieces inside a cleaning machine with altered coordinates of the location of the supply mechanism was studied. Numerous experiments were conducted using the obtained solutions and the developed algorithm, the results of which were analyzed and appropriate conclusions were drawn. The results obtained can be used to predict and determine measures to eliminate defects in the operation of the machine

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