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The article presents the results of a study to determine the change in the proportion of weed impurities by fractions in the composition of raw cotton in the technological stages of ginneries in Uzbekistan and Uchkurgan. It is known that today in the technological processes of cleaning from small and large weed impurities, the UHC production line is mainly used in the cotton processing plants of the republic. Some factories also use ChKh-5 and ChKh-3M2 equipment for cleaning large weed impurities and 6A-12M equipment for cleaning small weed impurities. Studies conducted at the Uzbekistan and Uchkurgan ginneries showed that the overall cleaning efficiency of technological processes is 82-85%, and the quality of the fiber does not fully meet the requirements of state standards. According to a study conducted at the Uzbekistan Ginnery, the cotton content in the sample was 3.46%, bolls 1.42%, cotton stalks 0.53%, cotton flowers and bract 0.47%. accordingly, the decrease was 0.56%, 0.31%, 0.10% and 0.08%. Similar indicators were noted at the technological stages of the Uchkurgan ginnery.

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