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With all the variety of compositions, structures and methods of obtaining lining composite materials, there are general fundamental physical and chemical laws underlying their technology, operation and organization of production processes. The article describes the physicochemical processes leading to the production of materials of a given structure and structure, the difference in polymers depending on the state of aggregation, the complex of technological operations for obtaining nonwoven lining materials for the production of leather goods. Theoretical studies made it possible to determine the main factor representing the technological and operational properties of the composite mixture, which is determined by the concept of polymer compatibility. Compatibility is determined by the fact that the separation of a mixture of high-molecular compounds, due to thermodynamic reasons, occurs extremely slowly due to the high viscosity of the system and, consequently, the very low diffusion coefficients of the constituent components. Mixing the components in the same relaxation state allows one to significantly modify and improve the performance properties of materials. The choice of a method for obtaining each specific composite material and technological modes of production processes is determined by a large number of factors, the most important of which are the structural features of the material, the properties and technological capabilities of the selected material, the operating conditions of the material and products and the resulting requirements for their properties, their estimated volume release, as well as the cost of equipment and tooling, their productivity and service life, labor costs and qualifications, etc. Consideration of all these issues is the content of the theoretical foundations and patterns of obtaining composite cushioning materials for the production of leather goods.

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