Irrigation and Melioration


The goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda of the UN General Assembly Resolution in the field of sustainable development and the issues of implementation of national goals and targets in this area for this period are studied in the paper. An important aspect is to ensure the sustainable development of tasks related to the integrated economic, social and environmental development, the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity, ensuring the efficiency of nature management and land use, resource-saving technologies in land and water use in agriculture. Particular attention is paid to article 15.3, which contains a call to the world community to combat desertification, restore degraded lands and soils, including lands affected by desertification, droughts and floods, and to prevent land degradation. On the basis of studies of the land use system problems in the republic, the main directions and tasks for the modernization of existing land use management have been established in order to move to a sustainable model. The implementation of the recommended targets and the ways to solve them provides a transition to a model of sustainable development of land use, to the balance and harmonization of socio-economic and environmental policies in the use of country’s land resources, to prevent land degradation and desertification, to fulfill Uzbekistan's obligations stated in international documents in the field of sustainable development for the period up to 2030 year.


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