Irrigation and Melioration


The article presents materials devoted to the justification of the parameters of the crown-wheel of the combined aggreagate. The technological process of work and the design of the working part, which is crushed by crushing cotton stalks, without breaking them, laying them on the movement of the unit, has been substantiated and developed. The optimal parameters of the crown-wheel and the tooth are determined by solving the regression equations that determine the optimal values of the vertical load on the teeth and its working quality. The results of theoretical and experimental research show that the amount of crushing of cotton stalks is higher when the tooth thickness is 3.5 mm and the shape of the blade is curved. Crushing and disintegration of cotton stalks at the level of agro-technical requirements is provided by means of a crown-wheel with a simple structure and small metal size, diameter 400-470 mm, width 20 cm and the number of teeth 14. The vertical load on the crown-wheel is ensured when the degree of crushing of cotton stalks is not less than 1815 N, when the depth of the cut of the cotton stalk is greater than its radius is higher than 23%.

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