Irrigation and Melioration


In this research, the role and importance of income from small householding(tomorka) in rural areas, its specific features are analyzed. Economic factors were assessed through the tobit regression model of the factors influencing the formation of income from small households (tomorka) activities, and VIF (Variance inflation factor) test was conducted to determine their multicollinearity. Anonymous surveys of 170 landowners in 4 districts of Samarkand region have been used in the analysis. The age of landowners, the area of arable land, the consumption of organic and mineral fertilizers, the cost of seeds and seedlings, the cost of preparing the field for planting and the distance from the farm to “Tomorqa Xizmati” LLC and the mineral fertilizer station increased by 1% (p<.01) were found to be statistically significant. Scientifically substantiated that the data of landowners, presence of family members aged 0-3 years, the satisfaction of landowners with water supply in the irrigation of arable land is statistically significant at 5% (p<.05). It was found that the gender and number of family members of the landowners were not statistically significant in increasing the income from small households(tomorka) activities. Based on the results obtained, scientifically based proposals have been developed to increase the income of the rural population from small household(tomorka) activities.

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