Irrigation and Melioration


The article presents an analysis of data on the flow movement in a centrifugal pump, the results of which are aimed at improving the pump design in the direction of ensuring the flow of the flow without resistance to achieve energy savings in water transmission. To reduce slip on the pumps and to reduce the resistance to current flowing inside the pump to achieve energy savings, working impeller and spiral chamber shape are designed to be constructively correct. Data from pumping stations show that the performance of pumping equipment reduces water consumption by 10-12%, pressure by 18-20% and service life by 28-34% as a result of erosion. Centrifugal pumps are available in types "D" and "K", and in order to ensure the flow of flow in these types of pumps without resistance, the shape of the pump spiral chamber was modeled and calculated using different values. Mathematical modeling of spiral chamber of pumping device type "K" by the proposed method, the application of the obtained results allows preparing the shape of spiral chamber in accordance with diameter of impeller. The pump ensures that the flow in the spiral chamber moves without resistance, increasing water uplift height, water consumption, efficiency, and reducing the required power. In order to determine the advantages of the data obtained from results of computational work carried out under the program, research work was carried out to study the flow part of the centrifugal pump of type "K", comparatively analyzed and identified design drawings. It was found that to ensure unobstructed flow of flow in the pump spiral chamber, the water uplift height, water consumption, efficiency should be 95.5% and the required capacity should be reduced by 57.0%. The obtained theoretical results showed that the preparation of the pump spiral chamber using the proposed program allows saving 25% of electricity consumption in pumping stations in the water system and utility systems "K" type pumps.

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