Irrigation and Melioration


The main reasons for the absence of a seeder for mechanized sowing of non-loose seeds of fodder plants in deserts are analyzed in the article. The author has developed a technology for sowing non-loose seeds (saxaul and cherkez), which prevents clogging, crushing and breakage in the seeder hopper, and provides for uniform and stable sowing at a set rate and shallow depth over the entire field area without reducing the biological germination. An innovative seeder with a universal sowing unit is recommended. Field tests of the innovative seeder with the proposed universal sowing unit were conducted in February 2020, as a part of the” Green Shield” program in the vicinity of the city of Bukhara, on the territory of the state forestry on sandy soils of the Romitan district of Bukhara region, in the desert zone. Field experiments revealed the following: the innovative seeder was maneuverable and stable on sandy desert soils with uneven terrain; provided that the seeds of saxaul and cherkez were sown at the established rate (seed mixture 10-15 kg/ha) and at shallow depth (no more than 2 cm) and covered up with soil; it was found that with the experimental innovative seeder at a tractor speed of 5.2-7.2 km/h on 35-40 hectares of sandy desert territories, the seeds were sown with the quality specified in the agrotechnical requirements. It was shown that on sandy soils, 1200-1650 saxaul seeds can germinate, and this amount meets the agrotechnical requirements for sowing saxaul seeds; it was emphasized that the universal sowing unit can mechanically sow the seeds of other desert plants, such as chogon, izen, keyruk, astragalus, sand acacia, wormwood, camel thorn.

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