Irrigation and Melioration


Conducting numerical experiments for complex structurally inhomogeneous structures allows us to understand the qualitative picture of the effect of various parameters in a wide range of studies and to give sound recommendations at the design stage for conducting laboratory model and field experiments. In this paper, on the basis of the classical theory of elasticity, the basic equations characterizing the stress-strain state of complex multiply connected shell structures are given and a specific problem is solved. At the same time, some of the structural elements have viscoelastic properties. When solving the problem, the behavior of the structure for the n-th harmonic of the expansion of external loads in the Fourier series along the corresponding coordinate is reduced to solving systems of equations with complex coefficients. A software package has been developed to solve the problem of the STRESS-DEFORMED STATE of multiply connected structurally inhomogeneous shell structures, which allows reducing the problem of calculating a wide class of machine-building structures to the problems of computer-aided design.

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