Irrigation and Melioration


Presents the results of experimental studies aimed at developing a new damper design at the spillway structure. The analysis of the distribution diagrams of the velocities at the spillway was carried out, the results of which showed that the bottom flow velocity is higher than the surface velocity by 3–17%. According to the research results, it was found that in the second variant of the research this increase is 2–22%. The maximum values of specific flow rates in the first variant of the study in the apron varied relative to the downstream stilling well within 1.5–40%, in the second variant by 2–30%. The values of specific consumption in the first variant of the study in the apron increased relative to the stilling well of the lower pool within 19–85%, in the second variant by 49–89%. According to the results of experimental studies, it was found that when passing various flows through the spillway with the option without a damper, the value of the Froude number varies in a wide range, reaching Fr = 5.0, which corresponds to the rapid movement of the flow. When installing an energy absorber at the end of each drop, the maximum value of the Froude number is Fr = 2.60; when installing the absorber of the concave shape under study, it is equal to Fr = 1.20,

примениwhich contributes to the maximum decrease in the destructive ability of the discharged flow in the downstream of the structure. As the results of the comparative analysis show, the recommended option with a concave damper works most effectively. The maximum value of the Froude number is Fr = 2.20. With such an alignment of the Froude number values, the destructive ability of the water flow at the junction section of the downstream of the hydraulic structure is significantly reduced.

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