Irrigation and Melioration


Livestock is one of the most important agricultural sectors in Uzbekistan and it is based on family livestock farms. On family farms, livestock animals are fed with pressed roughage, including corn stalks, alfalfa hay, barbed straw and wheat straw, mixed with concentrated feed. However, due to the lack of small choppers suitable for small farms, the compressed feed is fed to animals without chopping, as a result of which about 25-30 percent of them go to waste and there are large losses. Taking this into account, a small device was developed for chopping pressed roughage and mixing it with concentrated feed, and the rotor rotation and the number of knives of the chopper were investigated. In studies, the best indicators for the quality of chopping were obtained at a rotor speed of 1350 rpm and the number of knives 24 pieces. Proceeding from this, it is proposed to use the chopping apparatus of the feed preparation device on these parameters

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