Irrigation and Melioration


The main indicator in assessing the quality of the work of cotton pickers is its completeness of picking cotton, among the factors that predetermine the completeness of picking a special place is occupied by the direction and magnitude of the absolute speed of the spindle tooth. Among the factors affecting the absolute speed of the tooth, the main place is occupied by the angular speed of rotation of the spindle around its own axis, which depends on the quality of functioning of the friction drive of the spindle. This drive does not always provide its required traction capacity, since due to the inconstancy of the tension of the belts, their pressure on the spindle roller changes, the consequent friction force, which predetermines the traction capacity of the drive. The article notes that in practice there are no instruments for measuring and controlling the angular speed of the spindle. Therefore, it is proposed to widely use a device that measures the friction force of the roller on the belts and, by its magnitude, evaluate the work of the cotton picker in the field.

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