Irrigation and Melioration


The purpose of the research is to increase the efficiency of pumping stations operation by improving the methods of uniform flow spreading in the front chamber and inlet of the pumping station and developing constructive measures to improve the hydraulic conditions for supplying the flow to the pumps. The improvement of the method of hydraulic calculation of the flow in the front chamber and the water intake chamber is given on the example of the head pumping station of the Jizzakh cascade. In the process of research, standard methods of full-scale and bench tests of pumps, methods of mathematical and hydraulic modeling, statistical processing of results and the creation of mathematical models based on the laws of hydromechanics were used. The article substantiates the choice of a technical solution to improve the hydraulic structure of the flow in front of the impeller of the pumps of the Jizzakh head pumping station. New technical solutions have been developed, including an element for influencing the flow installed in the water intake chamber of the pumps. This makes it possible to expand the ranges of stable, cavitation-free operation of the pump, to ensure an increase in the reliability of water supply to the pumping station, without resorting to complex and expensive reconstruction measures.

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