Irrigation and Melioration


The article is to control the parameters of the unsteady movement of water in the canals and the pumping station, which ensure the maintenance of the specified operating modes of the pumping stations under non-stationary conditions. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve the problems of coordinating the operating modes of the units of the head pumping station (PS) with the operating modes of the partitioning structures in the conditions of emptying and filling the ponds of the main canal with water. The article discusses the implementation of the method of water distribution control on the mathematical model of the irrigation system of the Kashkadarya region. When performing the work, the methods of hydraulic study of the flow structure for various sections in the "channel-pump station" system were used. The laws of regulation of discrete action are considered as mathematical dependencies for calculating the control actions of the gates of partition structures. This method was used when conducting imitation studies of transient hydraulic processes in order to implement a method for controlling the modes of pumping units on the M-1 channel. On the basis of field and model studies, dependences were obtained that characterize the conditions for the formation of vortex branches. The likelihood of the formation and the intensity of vortex funnels increases at the extreme receiving chambers. The diameter of the funnels reaches half the width of the chambers, the flow of the outer pumps decreases on average to 94.2% in relation to the average pumps. The volume of the whirlpool zones increases with a decrease in the number of operating pumps and reaches 85% of the fore-chamber volume. The maximum deviation from the initial level, corresponding to the steady movement of water in the canal, does not exceed 0.25 m, which allows us to speak of a high level of water supply control in the NS in accordance with the adopted scheme. The results obtained make it possible to increase the efficiency of water distribution control during the operation of pumping stations of the irrigation system.

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