Irrigation and Melioration


Coastal erosion is a type of water erosion that causes significant damage to the national economy each year: leaching of overland coastal crops, failure of protective dams, destruction of irrigation canals, dilapidated buildings and structures, among others. To combat leaching, cross-dams are used which are waterproof and water-permeable. The aim of this work was to develop a method for calculating the planned dimension of compressed flow with a transverse dam, which included comparing the lengths of the upper and lower tilt zones, the boundaries of individual zones and the results of research in the laboratory and in nature. According to the results of experimental studies, analytical and graphical expressions were proposed to determine the planned dimensions of the deformed flow with a waterproof dam. The increase in the compression ratio and the installation angle of the dam resulted in an increase in the relative lengths of the high compression zones. The increase in the number of Frudo led to an increase in the relative length of the upper bending zone. It was found that the parameters of the flow, dam and ozone influence the length of the distribution zone. The result of the experiment were compared with field studies conducted at the 30th dam built on the Amudarya. The largest differences in the lengths of the rolling zones were 24.8% and 27.2% respectively.

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