Irrigation and Melioration


The article considers one of the most pressing problems of pumping stations in the irrigation system today, their blurring of the bottom of the water intake (avancamera and water intake chambers), analyzes the existing proposals, designs and technical solutions and their advantages and disadvantages. Given the above advantages and disadvantages, a new design has been proposed for the treatment of water intake structures from turbid sediments with minimal energy and capital expenditures, very cheap and simple to operate and reliable. The design includes a turbid suction pump and a turbid pump, as well as a pulp pipeline. The pressurized water flow required for the hydraulic pump and turbid pumping device is taken from the pressure pipe of the pump station. The energy of the water flow to the hydraulic pump under pressure creates a pressure that is much greater than the pressure in the flow chamber, which ensures that the sludge is absorbed and expelled through the pipeline, and laboratory studies were conducted to evaluate its performance. therefore (because the error was less than 10%) the variances were found to be acceptable as reversible, and the laboratory results were found to be fully consistent with the Cochrane and Fisher criteria.

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