Irrigation and Melioration


The article deals with the theoretical and practical substantiation of the replacement of an unregulated electric drive of the main technological equipment of cotton refineries with a frequency-controlled electric drive. The influence of a change in the load on the motor shaft on the main parameters of the steady state is considered. In an asynchronous motor, with an increase in the load, slip increases to such a value at which the torque of the motor balances the increased moment of resistance. Considering that when the stator slip resistance is less than the critical one is a small fraction of the total motor resistance, it can be assumed that the EMF, the magnetic flux, and, accordingly, the magnetizing current practically do not change when the load changes. According to the main parameters of the steady state, such important factors as consumption of active and reactive power from the network, change in losses and efficiency, heating of active parts of the engine, change in the initial torque (starting) torque with a stationary rotor of an induction motor to assess the possibility of starting the motor with voltage deviations. Electricity saving is 14-16%.

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