Irrigation and Melioration


The article provides information on achievements in the field of electrical gas cleaning. A critical analysis of the principle of operation of the electrostatic precipitators developed and currently in operation is carried out. The possibility of increasing the efficiency of electrical gas cleaning using unipolar voltage pulses is analyzed. A theoretical analysis of the processes in the discharge gap was carried out using the existing theory of electric discharges in gases. Based on the analysis of the data, the discharge mechanism is established in a sharply inhomogeneous electric field at a pulsed voltage. It is established that when using voltage pulses with overvoltage and in the conditions of operation of electrostatic precipitators, there is a streamer discharge mechanism or streamer form of corona discharge. The results of mathematical modeling are confirmed by a series of experimental studies. The development of a new method of gas purification is due to the disadvantages of a corona discharge of constant voltage. As a result, with an increase in the capacity of the discharge gap, the compensation time for the charges accumulated in it increases. If capacitance equals to C2 = 10-11 F, the time for full compensation of charges is 0.006 s, and when C2 = 10-12 F, the time consist of 0.001 s.

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