Irrigation and Melioration


In our country, repeated crops are sown in newly plowed lands. In such conditions, the use of combined units that perform several technological operations simultaneously in one pass is considered effective. However, due to the inadequacy and validity of the parameters of the working bodies for the quality of pre-sowing tillage in newly plowed lands, there is an increase in the number of passes, fuel consumption, loss of soil moisture and other costs and, as a result, the possibility of timely sowing and friendly germination of repeated crops is reduced . The rational parameters of the new design of disk

rollers are determined by the method of mathematical planning of experiments, which is the main working body for pre-sowing cultivation of newly plowed lands before sowing re-culture. The optimal values of the parameters of the disk rollers have been established, as the main working body in the unit, such as the diameter, thickness and width of the disk, the vertical load attributable to each disk and energy consumption during the pre-sowing preparation of newly plowed lands for sowing.The results confirmed that at a vertical load attributable to each disk of the combined unit Q = 500–600 N, the speeds Vе = 6.0-8.0 km / h and, accordingly, the parameters D = 415–490 mm, S = 22– 25 mm, L = 60–100 mm provides the quality of preparation for landing with minimal energy costs. Key words: freshly plowed land, preparation for planting, combined unit, disk roller, disk, diameter, thickness, width of male succession, vertical load, movement speed, multivariate experiment.

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